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Doors are our gateways throughout the home. It can be a means of security or privacy. But, like all other material things, it is susceptible to damage. Doors repair Arlington can help you deal with any door problem you may encounter. Here are some common problems that homeowners face with their doors. If you experience one of these problems, it is about time to have your door repaired.


The hinges allow the door to pivot on one edge when opened and closed, and are found at the side of your door. Metal or iron hinges can be submissive to rust. The formation of rust results from oxygen and iron reacting to water or moisture in the surroundings. Thus, rust is more likely to form when your door is usually exposed to moisture or is in an area where the humidity is high.

Rusty hinges can cause your door to sound. It can make a squeaky sound, which most people treat as a nuisance. One solution that one can consider would be lubricating the hinge to remove that ‘noise.’ However, over time, the hinge can still wear down and break. There are other ways to remove rust from hinges. But, if the hinges are too old or too far gone, then the only way to save your door would be to replace the hinges. It is best to ask a professional for advice from our doors repair Arlington or have the door inspected by them. It can take some time and work to remove the hinges if they are to be replaced.



This happens when the door’s latch does not catch properly. The door latch is a small mechanism that allows the door to be opened when the knob is turned or enables the door to be locked in place. It ‘latches’ onto the strike plane, locking the door in place when closed. If your door does not close properly, the latch may not be aligned to the strike plane. To fix this, you would have to adjust the strike plane. You will need a couple of tools and tries to get this right. Our doors repair Arlington team has a lot of experience and is ready to assist you with this problem. Instead of doing it yourself and risk doing more damage, let the experienced professionals do it for you.


Over time the doorknob or the door handle can loosen due to some loose screws or a malfunctioning lock. If it is old, it can be subject to the build-up of dirt or other pollutants that can block the operation of the handle. A problem like this must be addressed immediately. In addition, there is a possibility that the handle may fall off entirely or malfunction, locking the door, which can trap someone in or out of the room. A simple way to address this problem would be to tighten the screws. You need to understand your door lock system because different door lock systems have different ways to be fixed.


Sticking doors can be attributed to a number of reasons. There can be a problem with the hinges, or the screws in the hinges are loose. If your house is quite old, the problem of a sticking door may stem from the subsiding of your home’s foundation. If you have a wooden door, there is a possibility that it expanded or contracted depending on the humidity. Because of this, the wooden door may hold tightly to their frames and that is what makes them stick. Depending on the reason, there are a number of ways to handle this problem.

Once you have encountered a door problem, contact doors repair Arlington for a thorough inspection and repair. We also do window repairing in Arlington, and air conditioners repair in Arlington.