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When it comes to going up and down using the stairs, everyone needs support, whether it is young or old, so Safety Rails and Handrails help in going up and down easily by providing proper support to hands, it also helps in ensuring safety for old age people as well as to kids, so adding handrails to the stairs is one of the best decision whether it is in house, or at the office, or at the business place.  

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Be Safe with The Best Safety Rails and HandRails

it is important that you should choose a very good company which can provide you with the best and safe handrails or safety rails, you can also trust us as we are the best handyman Arlington who works to provide you the best services in any manner.

Things That are Must in Your Handrail or Safety Rail to Ensure More Safety

When it comes to safety, we the best handyman in Arlington believes in providing the best services along with ensuring the best safety measures, some of the important things to ensure utmost safety includes the following:

Rail width

It is a common behavior of people that they don’t think about the width of the handrails. But it is important to think that the handrail must be having proper width size so that the older people, as well as the kids, can use it without any difficulty.  It is recommended to use a thick rail which should be easier in gripping for any age group. 


Pitch is another important aspect to think about before finalizing the Safety Rails and Handrails for any place, a very steep stair pitch for a walk also creates a problem in moving up and down. So according to the international rules, there must be eight inches tread for a walk along with the safety rails spacing. You can make it broader than that to make it more spacious and beautiful but at least eight inches are essential, and we the best Handyman in Arlington makes sure to provide you the best comfort by providing proper pitch with safety rules.

Hardware Stability

It might happen that not everyone will use the handrails but kids and old age people may surely need it to go upstairs and thus it is important to use proper hardware to make the railing really supportive and we keep in mind while doing it for you. The hardware used in the Safety Rails and Handrails must be stable to provide proper gripping and safety to everyone.

We are the best handyman in Arlington and we are proud of it and thus we provide all the best Safety Rails and Handrails. So do contact us now, you can contact us by filling our form or either you just can call us and we will love to provide you the best assistance.

Safety Rails And Handrails

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